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Brand Name


To the enterprise English name of the first letter "R, H" as the main logo, the traditional Chinese culture and aesthetic consciousness, to the ancient method of today''''s rhyme. In order to express the enterprise deep city, resources convergence, to provide people with a beautiful life vision.


Enterprise positioning: ideal life creator


Enterprise slogan: Build city and beautiful life together

Inheriting the traditional Chinese cultural concept of "Harmony and Beauty", and forming an organic community with customers, employees and partners, to symbiosis, create and share the ideal life in the city.


Enterprise vision: industry respect, employee pride, social recognition

We will continue to enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, create more perfect products for customers, create more ideal returns for shareholders, create more development platform for employees, create more outstanding leadership for the industry, and create greater value for the society.


Corporate values: symbiosis, co-creation, sharing

The symbiotic spirit of standing together through thick and thin:
Join hands with customers and partners to make progress together and link a better life

The spirit of co-creation to develop together:
Professional-based from top to bottom, combine vertical and horizontal, improve the competitive landscape

Shared spirit of open cooperation:
All staff establish a forward-looking vision, integrate resources, and achieve sustainable development