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About Us

Company Briefing

Peking University Resources (Holdings) Company Limited is a listed company on the Main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited with stock code: 00618
Before 2013, the company was principally engaged in distribution and services of digital products and dealership and distribution business of world renowned information products in the mainland market, and also a leading provider of information solution and technical consultation and services for industries such as finance, manufacturing...
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Brand Name

The logo of PKU Resources was derived from the connotation and appearance of that of Peking University, demonstrating its close historical relationship with and its sense of belonging to Peking University. The word of “resources” in the logo was also inscribed on the “nameless stone” on the bank of Nameless Lake, highlighting the inheritance of and pursuing the spirit of Peking University by the Company.

Nameless Lake of Peking University was once an integral part of Yuan Ming Yuan, which is a masterpiece that ass... Learn more

Interpretation of the brand name

Chairman's Statement

Chairman's Statement

ChairmanMr Cheung Shuen Lung

The Company strived to strengthen the competiveness of IT distribution business in the mainland market while actively implementing development strategy of business diversification.We completed a major asset acquisition in January 2013, in which two premium real estate projects and an office building located in Wuhan of the property division of Founder Group were acquired under our ownership. In the meantime, we acquired the operating rights of Founder International Building in Zhongguan Village, Beijing by way of entrusted...

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