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Competitive Strengths

Thanks to the enriched cultural heritage, talents, intelligence and expertise of Peking University, PKU Resource integrated the quality industry resources spanning healthcare, finance, technology and others, and incorporated them into communities to increase the value of the region. While bringing tax income to the government and increasing the employment, it also improved the living standard of the residents, which achieved the win-win situation for the government, enterprises and residents.

Founder IT Resources

Founder Information Industry Group of Founder Group is one of the most influential IT technology and service providers in China and even the whole world.
Founder Group ranks the top 3 in the IT industry in China, and its PCB business ranks the first in China and top 50 in the globe. Its digital publishing technology accounts for 90% of the market in China and 95% in the global market. Being the only software exporter with its own intellectual property rights in China, Founder Software (方正軟件) ranks the top 3 in China.

Peking University’s All-Age Education Resources and Founder’s Professional Education Service Resources

Peking University provides high quality education resources from kindergarten, primary school, secondary to higher education.
Founder Education Investment Group (方正教育投資集團) launches all kinds of education and trainings services spanning early childhood education and professional master programmes, educational product development and education consultancy services.

High-end Medical and Health Resources of Peking University and Founder

Peking University’s Faculty of Medicine and Founder Group own around 10 3A-graded hospitals, which establishes an integrated healthcare business chain encompassing medical information, medical insurance, equipment and property leasing, health management, healthcare and medical logistics services, providing all-round health management healthcare services.

Founder’s All-round Licensed Financial Product Service System

Founder Group provides all kinds of licensed financial services such as securities, futures, public fund, investment banking, direct investment, trust, financial company, insurance, commercial bank and leasing.

High-end Commercial Ancillary Facilities

High-end commercial properties such as hotels and offices provide platforms for specialized commercial resources such as shopping centers, duty free shops and Apple stores.

Integrated Industry Platform for Production, Education and Research

Institutional collaboration with College of Engineering of Peking University facilitates and Peking University Science Park put outstanding results of scientific research into practice.